There were only a few pieces of accessories that would actually benefit your character, and most of them were marginal at best, but alas, they existed and so, they shall be shown.



Copper Wedding Necklace

None None

Silver Wedding Necklace

None None

Gold Wedding Necklace

None None

Golden Necklace

+10 Stamina Points 20 Faith

Turtle Queen's Pendant

+5 Resistance vs Blue
+5 Resistance vs Red
20 Intelligence
20 Faith

Water Pendant

+10 Magic Points
+5 Resistance vs Blue
40 Intelligence
20 Faith

Fire Pendant

+2 Maximum Damage
+5 Resistance vs Red
40 Agility
25 Intelligence
25 Faith



Copper Wedding Band

None None

Silver Wedding Band

None None

Gold Wedding Band

None None

Golden Ring

+10 Stamina Points 20 Faith

Zatra's Ring

+10 Magic Points
+0.5 Damage Reduction
20 Faith

Lesser Ring of Power

+1 Maximum Damage 20 Faith

Demonstone Ring

+5 Maximum Damage
-20 Health Points
30 Faith

Air Ring

+5 Resistance vs White 40 Faith

Water Ring

+5 Resistance vs Blue 40 Faith

Fire Ring

+5 Resistance vs Red 40 Faith

Twisted Ring

Instant Death 50 Faith

Enchanted Ring

+5 Cast Rating 50 Faith

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