Obelisks are mysterious crystals that formed in Akarra during the birth of the land. Not many know about how they work, but it is said that touching one binds your spirit to that specific location should misfortune fall upon you during your adventures...




X: 237     Y: 7493

X: 322    Y: 8053 X: 325     Y: 17013 X: 434     Y: 6827 X: 560     Y: 7757 X: 805     Y: 6932 X: 809     Y: 7563 X: 876     Y: 6232 X: 1056     Y: 7330 X: 1081    Y: 8007 X: 1265     Y: 6614 X: 1335     Y: 7122 X: 1844     Y: 7636 X: 1926    Y: 6924

Eron Coast

Fallen Willowood Forgotten Burrow (inside) Tower Wraith Woods Peninsula Stronghold Rimsin Castle Hope Raque Forest Eastern Gate Rimsin Glades Chirpwood Glades  Darkwaters

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